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Lauren Klein’s Data Visualization syllabus

In the fun things to learn department Lauren Klein has her syllabus up for her data visualization class. Very cool.

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Visualizing shipping lanes

IDV User Experience has a really neat set of maps up illustrating world shipping data. Worth a look.

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Visualizing traffic flows at FlowingData

This image is one of several that come from Flowing Data–take a look: Explorations of real-world traffic

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Graphical world progress report

HT to FlowingData

Flowing Data is a great website on data visualization, which is something I care a lot about. He has a summary print of UN data available to view and purchase. I highly recommend, as the Environment graphic, clipped above, has me thinking about some research.

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Data and information presentation

Amanda Fox, graphics editor for the NYT, gave a presentation that is well worth reading and downloading.

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