There’s no crying in national politics

Sarah Palin’s resignation is getting an odd amount of attention here in the land of sausage and pastry. While I don’t study national politics, that doesn’t stop me from holding Very Important Opinions on the subject. It’s hard to buy the pundit’s line that she is quitting mid-term for a presidential run–there’s nothing about quitting which might give her a leg up unless she also stars in several successful barbarian movies in the interim. Leaving office marginalizes her from a platform, which you need in a campaign.

Instead, I suspect she’s tired of it; she had a mawkish start on the national stage (compared to that Barack Obama back in 2004), and she’s done a lot of hinting and complaining about how “mean” people and “the media” (like Fox News?) are to her because of her positions–an attitude you don’t get indulge in high-level public office.