One for the “I don’t get it” column

One big trend for this fall is the “boyfriend” blazer. Now, I sat still for the “boyfriend” jean and even the “skinny jeans” which look wretched on anybody who isn’t Mick Jagger circa 1972, but “boyfriend blazer” has me stumped. Blazers have always been menswear in general. Yes, women wear blazers, but it is a clothing item that has been moved over into women’s wear as an adaptation to work clothing, framed as masculine attire.

The fashion industry tends to act like women over a size 4 don’t exist. And while I don’t engage in saying nasty things about women’s bodies at any size, it is a basic fact that women under a size 4 haven’t got much of a reason to require different blazer tailoring, if you understand what I mean. So what this “new” trend is telling me is that we need menswear-inspired menswear. Does this make anybody else’s head swim?