Top Twenty Movies About New York

In no particular order, these are Dr. Schweitzer’s favorite movies about/set in New York:

1. West Side Story
(even though a lot was filmed on sound stages)

2. Serpico

3. Taxi Driver

4. Annie Hall or Hannah and Her Sisters

5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

6. Ghostbusters

7. You’ve Got Mail or When Harry Met Sally

8. On the Waterfront

9. The Goodbye Girl

10. Fame

11. The Cotton Club

12. Finding Forrester

13. Three Days of the Condor

14. Rosemary’s Baby (the Dakota! What a building!)

15. The Godfather

16. Super Fly

17. The Odd Couple

18. Funny Girl

19. Butterfield 8

20. Guys and Dolls

(bonus one: Saturday Night Fever).