Why, exactly, do we blame Angelina Jolie for Zahara’s hair?

Again, on the body imagery and social inclusion front: Allison Samuels wrote a longish piece in Newsweek fretting about whether Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s white parents, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, know how to deal with a black child’s hair. This is a legitimate concern; black hair needs different care, but honestly….it’s not like Brad’s hair is looking any too good these days, and ditto with Angelina. But I digress.

Let’s start off from this position; the kid looks just fine; in fact, she’s bug’s ear cute, and she seems perfectly ok except for the fact that she can’t go out in public without having her pictures taken and essays in Newsweek happening about her. Who needs that when you are five? For crying out loud. Let’s lay off her, just on the principle that she’s a little kid and deserves a private life and some of us like to pretend we aren’t members of a crumbling empire where people have nothing better to do than wonder about whether celebutot is getting hot combed. I mean honestly; if we are going to worry about anybody, let’s worry about Johnny Depp and why somebody so genetically gifted in the looks department like him routinely leaves his house looking like a carny who is allergic to shampoo.

But second…why isn’t anybody getting all up in Brad’s face about not doing Zahara’s hair? Why are people making all these suggestions to Jolie? Don’t male parents have grooming and care responsibilities?