There is nothing weird here, people

Ok, so today I was in getting my haircut, and I had to wait for my stylist, and while I waited, I skimmed through a copy of something along the lines of Spectacular Style–I can’t find it online, else I would link–and it’s one of those hairstyle magazine for black women.

One of the other customers said, after sitting with me a few minutes, “I can’t believe YOU’RE reading THAT.”

Now, the last I checked, black ladies wear clothing and make up and accessories, all of which are the main reason I look at fashion magazines. Would anybody have said anything if a black lady were reading Vogue? Does it really strike anybody as all that SHOCKING to think a WHITE LADY might LEARN ANYTHING from a magazine that isn’t for white people BY white people?

Good Lord. You folks aren’t paying attention. Because whoever styles Mary J. Blige is a fricking GENIUS.