Court smackdown for LA slumlord

Monica Hujazi has been ordered to pay more than $40K per occupant–for some families over $250,000, for failing to improve conditions in her rentals properties. The settlement amounts to more than $3.3 million, and it’s the second time at the rodeo for Ms. Hujazi, as she settled a $7 million suit in 2006.


One problem: Ms Cuevas is now going to buy a place in Bakersfield. From downtown to Bakersfield. Depending on where she works, that could be quite a switchup in commutes.

One thought on “Court smackdown for LA slumlord

  1. Hello,
    I’m wondering if you have any follow up information on Monica Hujazi and what she is up to now. Do you know anything about The Brownstone Lofts near Echo Park in Los Angeles? May be interesting to look into that a bit.

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