Marketing transit well

The LA MTA takes a lot of criticism—sometimes deserved, sometimes not—about how it runs its show. One of the things that the MTA does very well: in the movie industry spirit of our little berg, the MTA markets its image and services very well. From their nifty little M logo to their nice website*, they have image marketing down really well. Their ads are cute and classy and inclusive, and they deserve more credit for it than they often get.

Beverly Ward drew my attention to this little story about CoolTown Studios. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean by a clear and clever message.

*which needs a better online trip planner, but, hey, I understand. If you don’t, then YOU make an online trip planner with the type of bus coverage and frequency that LA county has and get back to me when y’all get done with it….

One thought on “Marketing transit well

  1. I agree. I’ve always liked MTA’s marketing ads. Like the “M” Logo: Good; Gas Logo: Evil two years ago when gas prices were up the wazoo. There are other marketing tools that the MTA can implement like giving away free bus passes or providing coupons or discounts to monthly passes.

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