Harlem’s History and Showgirls

Wonderful movie called “Been Rich My Whole Life” by Heather Lyn MacDonald about the Silver Belles, a group of some of the original dancers from the choruses at the Apollo Theater and the Cotton Club in Harlem. The Belles still dance professionally, in their 80s: one is in her 90s. The Sweet Georgia Brown number is priceless.

As one of the younger dancers said: “They put seasoning in their steps.”

Fierce and unbelievably lovely: smiles like that should be everywhere!

This is a history of Harlem, its clubs, and the key contributions made to place development by these women and the musicians they worked with.

It’s also a love story.


Here’s the trailer:

Don’t think for two seconds this doesn’t have a transportation theme: they are on buses, on the subway. One has a two-hour bus/subway commute so that she can be part of the group.