Ten people currently entitled to state-supported health care

1. Sirhan Sirhan (Assassin of Robert Kennedy, living in Pleasant Valley State Prison in California)

2. Charles Manson, cult leader who is imprisoned in Corcoran State Prison (we have a lot of pens in California) for his joint responsibility inspiring the brutal murders of actress Sharon Tate, her guests, and grocer Leon LaBianca and his family).

3. David Berkowitz (Son of Sam killer, currently at Sullivan Correction Center in New York)

4. Kenneth Bianchi (who along with his partner, Angelo Buono, were the Hillside stranglers responsible for the torture and death of at least 10 women. Buono had the decency to die of a heart attack a few years ago.)

5. Gary Ridgway (40+ victims as the Green River Killer)

6. Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker of Los Angeles who killed 13 women, currently awaiting his execution at San Quentin.

7. Dennis Lyn Rader, the BTK killer who is currently associated with 10 deaths, living in the El Dorado Correctional Facility courtesy of the state of Kansaas.

8. Charles Ng, who is suspected of murdering between 11 to 25 people with his partner Leonard Lake (who killed himself). Ng has health care provided by the state of California on death row at San Quentin.

9. Joel Rifkin, who is in in Clinton Correctional Facility in New York, for killing 17 (perhaps more) people, and is suing the state for $77 million for keeping him in solitary. He might want to ask what happened to Jeffrey Dahlmer when he got to have exercise time with the regular, non-flesh-eating residents in the Columbia Corrections Institution.

10. Patrick Kearney, one of several “Freeway Killers” in southern California who confessed to killing 26 young men. He is serving consecutive life sentences in the California state pen, Mule Creek.

Now, I’m not claiming that prison health care is *good* care–because it’s not– but I do think it’s a bit of an oddity that it is cruel and unusual punishment to not provide health care to prisoners or to execute an unhealthy person, but it’s accepted that ordinary people are not so entitled, and neither are their kids. Kind of makes that whole “deserving” poor question get weird, doesn’t it?