My Op-Ed on HSR’s eating everybody’s lunch in the Sac Bee

Viewpoints: High-speed rail: Don’t penalize the poor – Sacramento Opinion – Sacramento Editorial | Sacramento Bee

Nobody gets to say to me that “Oh, these are separate pots of money.” Nobody. Because these aren’t separate pots of taxpayers’ pockets, and it’s not like the state hasn’t proven completely capable of raiding transit funds when it feels like it.

Changing transit security vis-a-vis Moscow

Transit security up worldwide after Moscow subway bombing / The Christian Science Monitor –

I was trying to explain to my mother why security on subways can not be handled the same way as at airports. First of all–my God. That would be terrible. And second, look at this picture of the Moscow system:

Now that is geographic coverage. And with that many stations and 7 million passengers a day, we’re fortunate that the attacks–which were horrible enough as it was–weren’t far worse: CNN has some commentary: Why no subway is safe from terror attacks –