3 thoughts on “Why doesn’t anybody ever refer to the Singapore Miracle like they do Portland?

  1. Singapore is an important city for those looking for transportation alternatives. Its road pricing has been pioneering and innovative for over a decade.

    I visited Singapore about 15 years ago, so I’m out of date, but I noticed then (1) road movement dominated by cabs and buses, with people lined up for both at pick up points; (2) private vehicles rare and expensive because of government fees; (3) drivers not allowed to drive out of the country on the only bridge to Malaysia with empty gas tank because cops looked in your car and assumed you would buy cheap gasoline; (4) all arterial roads in downtown (mostly fenced from sidewalk access) seemed like fast moving mini-expressways with jaywalking not only discouraged and illegal, but downright dangerous.

    For live, real-time monitoring of traffic in Singapore view the video cameras and road speeds on interactive maps at http://interactivemap.onemotoring.com.sg/mapapp/index.html

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