Another Local Option Sales Tax Hits the Books–this time in Kansas City

Kansas City, Kan., voters approve raising sales tax – Kansas City Business Journal:

This just goes to show you how much more effective local option sales taxes are than they have ever been before, given the urbanization that has occurred since 1950: They are expecting $10 million in revenues. This is a pretty steep increase as well: 5/8-cent.

Nobody left to run with any more: retirements at the University of Iowa

Well, this week is full of news that I am Not Happy About. We’ll leave aside all the raggedy personal things I don’t want to think about and get to heart of the matter:

Two of my best teachers–ever–are retiring from the University of Iowa.

Peter Fisher and Jim Throgmorton will be honored this Friday evening from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Old Brick in Iowa City.

If you live in Iowa City, you don’t need me to tell you how to get to Old Brick. And David Moore is going to playing!

Ok, here’s the problem. They aren’t old enough to retire. I haven’t given them permission to retire. Did they ask me? Nooooooooo. They didn’t.

This means that of the original faculty that taught me at the University of Iowa, only John Fuller remains. David Forkenbrock passed away: Cheryl Contant is now a provost (and I suspect quite a good one); Heather MacDonald and Alan Peters moved to Australia (ALSO WITHOUT MY PERMISSION I SHOULD NOTE).

Now, to be clear, the Iowa program has some excellent faculty with Lucie Laurian, Paul Hanley, Chuck Connerly, and Jerry Anthony. But they all came along after I did.

Hmmph. Well, Peter and Jim, thank you so much for everything you taught me. Oh, forget graciousness: GET BACK TO WORK YOU TWO.

Since I can’t come to your richly deserved party, here’s some southern rock to convey my sentiment: