SPPD Interdisciplinary Scholarship

SPPD Review Student Journal – USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development

From the announcement:

Through the collaborative efforts of eleven graduate student editors, the student-run Steering Committee released a call for submissions at the end of Fall 2009 semester. Together with our faculty advisers, we have helped the authors of these articles offer a highly refined product. In this year’s issue, we are proud to showcase a number of articles and comments exploring themes previously discussed in SPPD coursework:

We want to thank our faculty advisers, Dr. Rich Callahan and Dr. Elizabeth Graddy, for all of their support. Additionally, this project would not have been possible without the support of the SPPD Communications Office, specifically Jan Peterson and Ben Dimapindan.


We would like to invite the entire SPPD community to join us for a LAUNCH PARTY celebrating the creation of the Journal. This will be taking place at The Lab Gastropub (in the Radisson Hotel) at 5pm on Tuesday, May 4th. The event is being co-sponsored by the Student Health Council as well as the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus at the Lab’s outdoor patio area. Please join us for this special celebration!


The Review is currently seeking editors for next year’s edition. Editors will be in charge of a call for submissions within all SPPD masters and post-graduate degree programs, choose articles for next year’s publication, and work together on a final online copy. The Steering Committee is comprised of 2 students from each academic program at SPPD. We are currently seeking applications from those who are graduating in May 2011 or later. To apply, please see instructions on the website: http://www.usc.edu/schools/sppd/students/review_journal/apply.html. Applications will be accepted until JUNE 1.