Reading Richard Arnott

I’ve just been reading the last few days, and as such I was reminded of Richard Arnott’s** urban economics work. What unbelievably good work. Here are my favorites:

Anas, A., Arnott, R., & Small, K. A. (1998). Urban spatial structure. Journal of Economic Literature, 36(3), 1426-1464.

Arnott, R., de Palma, A., & Lindsey, R. (1994). The welfare effects of congestion tolls with heterogeneous commuters. Journal Transport Economics and Policy, 28(May), 139-161.

Arnott, R. & Kraus, M. (1998). When are anonymous congestion charges consistent with marginal cost pricing? Journal of Public Economics, 67(1), 45-64.

**And yes, he’s just as kind as he appears in that picture. He doesn’t always suffer fools gladly, but it would be hard to suffer fools when you’re that freaking smart.