Ageism, Sexism, and SATCII

Ok, so with these caveats:

1) I wasn’t crazy about the Sex and the City tv show, though it did have its moments; 2) I don’t understand why anybody thought SATC movies were a good idea in the first place; 3) I really don’t understand why anybody thought a SATC movie sequel was a good idea in the second place; and 4) I really do not like that they have taken Pam Fields’ and Carrie Bradshaw’s interest in dressing into the land of a bizarre consumptionfest. On the series, they wore jeans sometimes. Miranda once wore a pair of overalls. And she was darling in it!!! Now, apparently, we bake wearing white Dior. Hell, I always do.

I have no intention of seeing this movie. But I do know one thing:

Reviewers and everybody else need to STFU about these actors’ ages and how hideous they look.

You people hear me? STFU.

Because nobody’s out there telling Alec Baldwin or James Spader or William Shatner that they are grotesque, chubby old men who should cover themselves up and stay home.

You know why not?

Because they are not grotesque. They’re just old guys. They look fine, for old guys. Yeah, they used to be studs. But they’re not anymore. What happens when you get old? Some of us get a little podgy.* All of us get a little wrinkly, no matter how much we lift and get injected. It’s just what happens.

Let’s take a look at some images of the women that the Washington Post writer and critic has referred to as “grotesque”: we can a sample on Project Rungay:

OMIGOD!! Hideous!! Cover my eyes!!! I THINK I’M GOING TO BE SICK!!!

JEEZ, YOU OLD OLD OLD WOMEN!! You’re clearly PAST IT! Yeah, some misguided fools may think you look absolutely stunning, and they’d technically be right, but in reality, THEY’RE WRONG! You know why? Because we’ve decided YOU’RE TOO OLD to be out and about wearing dresses and whatnot when you SHOULD BE AT HOME BEING QUIETLY INVISIBLE AND TENDING TO THE NEEDS OF OTHERS! Have you never heard of canasta and support hose?

Simply horrendous. You can see a wrinkle here and there on both Cynthia Nixon–a first-rate actress–and Cattrall AND SJP. A WRINKLE. SOMETIMES MORE THAN ONE!!! CLEAR IMPERFECTIONS!!! SO UPSETTING! WHEN will you people just GO AWAY so we can focus on REAL children who have been robbed of their youth by grasping parents and an irresponsbile industry women like Miley Cyrus?

*Or in my case, a lot podgy.