LA’s 298-foot route bullet train from Not The Los Angeles Times

Oh, I just love parodies and spoofs, and this one had me roaring:

The plan won quick support from L.A. City Council members. “One of the things we like about this project is that it costs so darn much money,” Councilman Eric Garcetti said. “Let’s face it – we’re not that good at fiscal responsibility, so it’s better to focus on what we do well.”

link: L.A. plans bullet train for Angels Flight

Just think of space-time hijinks we could get up to!

Then there’s this:

Acting decisively, L.A. city officials today adopted a strongly worded resolution that wishes the city’s budget deficit would “go away really soon, like in the next three months or so.”

Alleged Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa drafted the statement after rejecting calls for Los Angeles to declare bankruptcy or shrink its bloated pension system.

After the resolution passed, Villaraigosa and several City Council members climbed onto their unicorns and rode off into a rainbow-filled sunset.

L.A. City Council passes resolution wishing budget deficit would go away

HT to Donald Shoup

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