TAP card discontent and the Daily News

The LA MTA got hit again with another negative story in the Daily News, reporting that the platform turnstiles, because they only work with turnstiles, are boondoggle, TAP implementation is rushed, etc

But the first rule of implementation is that everything takes longer, costs more, and is messier than you want.

One transit advocates argues that they should just give up:

“It’s a boondoggle,” said Kymberleigh Richards, the public and legislative affairs director at Southern California Transit Advocates. “We are never going to get ($154 million) in lost fares out of this. At $1.50 a ride, how many fare evaders do you have to catch to make back ($154 million)?”

link: MTA’s $46M system of locking turnstiles sits unused, waiting for fare cards to be adopted – LA Daily News

We’ll see.