Nothing would be the same again

September 11, 2001, terrorists committed the mass murder of 2,750 people in New York. To say that the United States is still wounded would be an understatement. In the subsequent years, the scarred site where the World Trade Center once stood has become case study in public morning.

2,750 people.

So it’s a good day to reflect on the debate surrounding the proposed mosque at Ground Zero. Those opposed say the proposal been a “slap in the face” to victims; those in favor cite the US tradition of religious freedom, and the need for religious toleration.

I don’t have any real ways of reconciling the two views.

But I do have a question.

If 400 feet away from the ground zero site–not the site of the two towers themselves, but 400 feet of the border of the entire area slotted for redevelopment–is not far away enough, then how far would be enough? A mile? Two? Those are long distances in New York. If 400 feet is a slap in the face, then how about 1000 feet? What is the right buffer?

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