Shweeeeeeeeeeeeeb!!! and the Virgin Mary, all in one blog post

HT to the Transportationist, David Levinson, and one of our wonderful undergraduates who came to talk to me about the human-powered podcars, Shweeb:

I’m not sure I approve of using the word “shweeb” as a verb unless you are actually German and you actually mean “float”, but I’ve never met a kitchen gadget that I didn’t love, and the shweeb appeals to me sort of in the same way as a pineapple corer or a griddle that sears the image of the Virgin Mary in your toast.

So here’s the questions/reservations:

a) I don’t believe for five seconds that this doesn’t require you to be in pretty good shape;

b) It’s going to subject to peaking problems just like podcar plans

c) However, it would keep bicyclists off the street and sidewalks, satisfying everybody

d) And it’s shweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb.