The 10:10 film on carbon change and environmental violence

In the counter-productive department, 10:10 films has released a documentary short on how to save carbon emissions. Lee Ahern describes this epic fail in detail:

As most ECNers are probably aware, the entire environmental communications discipline took a body blow last week when the 10:10 organization released the flat-out bizarre web film “No Pressure.” In a series of scenes, climate-change skeptics are detonated into flying bits of flesh and geysers of blood. Including children. Unbelievable.

link: The 10:10 Fiasco-A Case Study in the Case for a New Association « Indications: Environmental Communication

Is that how these people really think? Do they really think that communicates anything other than their hubris and misanthropy?

As Ahearn says, unbelievable.

On happier topics,Indications has become one of my favorite blogs as I have been writing more about environmental communications these days.

One thought on “The 10:10 film on carbon change and environmental violence

  1. Environmentalist communications: nearly an oxymoron. Environmentalists mostly need to get better at metaphors, storytelling, the practical uses of emotional authenticity, and other form of simple language everyday people can understand and not get offended by. This clip is an epic negative example, but there are plenty of less epic ones, plus too much stuff that is just vanilla, motherhood, whatever.

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