Earth Day Forum: What should I talk about?

Tomorrow, the Center for Sustainable Cities will have an Earth Day Forum

The Forum will feature SPPD’s environmental faculty on what they see as progress and challenges for policy and planning. Join Profs. Blanco, Mazmanian, Rose, Schweitzer, and Tang for a stimulating discussion.
Thursday 21 April 2011, 10:00am-12:00pm, RGL 219

SI was going to discuss the changing face of Federal environmental policy from 1970 to today, with regard to policies where I see the most contention and political change

a) NEPA (and by extension, CEQA)
b) The Clean Air Act
c) The Endangered Species Act

Interesting? No? If no, what else should I discuss?

One thought on “Earth Day Forum: What should I talk about?

  1. ok, but a little conventional. live a little: tell them about the safe drinking water act of 1974. or maybe the coastal zone management act of 1974 and how it fits in with the california coastal commission. but half an hour’s work will give you a big home field advantage if you go with the drinking water act

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