SFPark launch–and, yes, there’s an iphone ap for it

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority is launching SFPark today, and it’s arguably the most innovative program I’ve seen in years–years–right along with at-grade bus and train car entrances. (Small things make a huge difference). And I say this after watching us spend a lot of money on intelligent transportation system research.

Anyhoozy, SFPark is using new sensors and electronic monitoring from meters to allow customers to locate parking spaces, including those in the 20 parking garages owned by SFMTA. I’m thinking that if I owned a private lot or garage, I’d be pestering SFMTA to let me find a way to put my open parking spots on the map, too.

You can search by neighborhood. The pilot neighborhoods are places where, frankly, there is no parking (I’m teasing! The value added of the tool helps you find the few spots that are open so that you don’t cruise around neighborhoods that have congested parking…):

1. Marina
2. Fisherman’s Wharf
3. Filmore
4. Civic Center
5. Financial District
6. SoMa
7. Mission

This is what a query of the Financial District got me just now:

Voila Capture36


I haven’t tried the iphone ap, given that I don’t drive, park, or live in San Francisco, but let me know how it works if you do….