Theory v. Belief

Ms. America contestants discuss whether evolution should be taught.

You know, as somebody who studies cities and transit, with a lot of self-proclaimed experts, I feel like I have to listen to really dumb crap promulgated as “true.” However, this set of clips makes me feel for biologists, whose entire field appears to boil down in the popular imagination as “a matter of opinion.”

Now, this is hardly a random sample, but oye.

That said, they’re all very generous about whether kids should learn basic science, if their families approve of basic science.

Just for the record, theories are testable–you can verify or not over the course of multiple trials and time.*

Beliefs can be tested in a metaphorical sense, like Job, believed to be one of the oldest stories included in the Old Testament. But in general, faith is something that you have, or you don’t. Theories shouldn’t be treated as a matter of faith. Science and faith aren’t incompatible–but they’re not equivalent, either.

And some of these gals are also ignorant of their own faith; for example, one says she’s a Catholic–a church which has officially accepted–even human evolution (one of JP II’s actions).


*Unless you are a macro dude or somebody who believes that putting light rail in suburbs will eliminate car trips and save the planet.

Ms. California did me proud. Science! Bless you, dear.