Who Mourns for Adonis*?

Students never let you get away with anything. One of my former students, Peter McFerrin, responds to my lack of fact-checking on yesterday’s post with a brisk set of corrections, as we wouldn’t want to mislead the public on anything kitschy:

Corrections: First off, it’s Hancock Park, by the “FHP” sign on the roof of “Youngwood Court” (the name the owner, Norwood Young, gave the house). Second, they’re actually Davids, I’m pretty sure. I have an incredible photo set of the 2009 version of The House of Christmas Davids. Three words: Black Power Santa.

I did try to fact-check, but I’ve never looked at the statues closely enough to see they were Davids, so my searching came up empty–I thought it was weird that I couldn’t find anything, as it was a pretty big controversy. Once you get that part of the puzzle, you can find the rest of the story from Apartment Therapy.

I love the comments: He’s made it impossible for his neighbors to sell their houses yada yada (Uh, huh. It couldn’t be that they are asking too much for their houses, either.)

Anyway, now you can see the Davids, in their full glory. What do you think?

At least Hancock Park is, in fact, millionaire-land. Got that part right.

*Peter, I know, I know, the proper reference is Who Mourns for Apollo, but I needed the link to yesterday’s post.