Learning to live in the chilly part of LA again

If you are bored with the conversation in Los Angeles, you can always bring up the hardy perennial: where does West LA begin?

There’s the silly line from “White Men Can’t Jump” about white boys east of La Brea. They have to be kidding. But that’s one idea.

There’s the question about Mid-City. What is it? I’m within walking distance of Koreatown. But it seems to be a tossaway term that nobody who actually lives in the area actually adheres to. To quote one person on the LA Times website: “Mid-City is what they call the leftovers of Melrose and K-town.”

That’s hardly inspiring.

There’s South-LA, which most would argue begins south of the 10 freeway–I think. Some very nice neighborhoods there, including Jefferson Park and University Park.

I have lived in four places in LA: the last one for a week.

1. Palms.

2. West Hollywood.

3. Downtown

4. West Adams.

Now, many people argue my new location is not West Adams, but other people do. It’s covered by the West Adams Historical Association.

Other people say it’s east Culver City.


However, one thing is clear: it is, on average so far, about 9 degrees cooler here than it was downtown.

I write this at my kitchen table, without shoes, wearing a t-shirt, and I’m thinking about going to get a sweatshirt.