Where do the birds go when it’s hot?

Ok, I have two backyard feeders that I bought on a whim, largely because they were pretty and reminded me of sea glass more than anything else. Since the birds found the feeders and the bath, I’ve been surprised at how entertaining I find them. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised given all the four-legged critters I have accepted into the house.

Anyway, we have to fill those feeders every day, normally, and they are usually out of seed by noon so that they are fighting over the finch food.

During the hot weather, though, the birds have been gone, and the feeder has been eaten down only by half. At least I think it’s the hot weather–Or else that chubby tuxedo cat the neighbor lets wander around started in on the feeder and the birds have left.

Does anybody know how the heat affects birds?

Transit/transport event in Michigan you can follow on Twitter….

I got the following email this morning from Matt Bach with the Michigan Municipal League:

I wanted to let you know about a special Twitter talk event the Michigan Municipal League and our affiliate organization, Let’s Save Michigan, are hosting at our Lansing office at noon Tuesday, Sept. 13. A press release about it is attached. The event is about the future of transit in Michigan and we have some pretty heavy hitters speaking, including: Robert Puentes, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution; Chris Kolb, Executive Director, Michigan Environmental Council; Rory Neuner, Project Coordinator, Transportation for Michigan (Trans4M); and Rich Studley, President and CEO, Michigan Chamber of Commerce. Also our CEO Dan Gilmartin will be there. Follow along at noon Tuesday (use the hashtag #mitransvision or by following @letssavemich or @mmleague on Twitter).

We think this is a pretty newsworthy and timely event with the rumors that the governor is going to deliver his message on Michigan transportation in October. We hope this event gets his attention and he and his staff prepare the transportation message. The highly controversial topic of a new bridge between Michigan and Canada may even be discussed.

We would love it if you wrote about this event (pre and post) on your blog and if you’re on Twitter, Tweet about it and follow along Tuesday at noon.

In addition, I should mention that several Michigan legislators and members of their staff plan to attend. If you want more details let me know.


Matt Bach
Director, Communications
Ph: 734-669-6317 I Fax: 734-662-8083
C: 810-874-1073
Twitter: @mattbach; @mmleague
Facebook: facebook.com/mattbach; /mmleague
New blog by League CEO Dan Gilmartin: http://www.economicsofplace.com
1675 Green Road, Ann Arbor MI 48105

Nice use of Twitter communication, and good luck with your event! (Even though you had the poor judgment to invite that Puentes guy instead of me… (Just kidding!)).