Help out my undergraduate developers?

My class on the Urban Context was charged with creating a website marketing the city they would develop in Honduras as a Charter City if they had carte blanche. The groups that got the highest scores are being run in a face-off via a web poll. It would be really great if you could take a few minutes to surf through their sites and vote on which city you might consider moving to. Alternatively, there is a comment area, so you can give them some feedback. I’d appreciate it.

Remember, though, they had a week to develop the proposals, and this is the first time most of them have done either web development or marketing. That said, some of them had really great ideas and presented them really well.

The poll has hot links to all the cities: it is found here.

Here are the cities in no order, if you want to browse outside the poll.

Isla Macao
El Paraiso Habitable
Costa Verde
The Perfect City

I really appreciate it if you can take the time.

One thought on “Help out my undergraduate developers?

  1. Isla Macaco – If you’re into yachting and have lots of money. If that’s your market, OK.
    Vulgaria – Your page did not load. Web marketing has no room for bad code. Hope your idea is good. Wish I could see it.

    El Paraiso – This gets my vote. It looks interesting and also looks scalable and not like so much BS.

    Costa Verde – Go read Jane Jacobs again
    The Perfect City

    These last two look boring and derivative. How are these different from Cabo, other than they are not built yet. zzzzzz

    p.s. listen to your prof. She’s one of the smartest people I know

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