The Scandal of Michigan’s Emergency Managers | The Nation

You’re getting lots of clippings and cuttings this week, as I am buried in some of my own writing.

The problems of municipal bankruptcies continues. This time, with a look from Chris Savage at the Nation:

The Scandal of Michigan’s Emergency Managers | The Nation:

The state’s first emergency managers—previously known as emergency financial managers—were appointed between 2000 and 2002 by Republican Governor John Engler in the cities of Hamtramck, Flint and Highland Park to prevent them from declaring bankruptcy. Although all eventually left when their job was done—the last in 2009—all three cities are back in the red. In January the Highland Park School District was assigned an EM. (That city—population 11,776—is 93.5 percent African-American.) Others followed, in Ecorse, Benton Harbor and Pontiac, as well as Detroit public school