I am, according to the APA, UCLA faculty now

Brilliant student La Mikia Castillo alerted me to the fact that the *entire* planning faculty at my beloved USC has been listed as UCLA faculty–all except Dowell Myers, who is, apparently, the only planning faculty from USC who is affiliated with the American Planning Association.

I can see why they did that. If I were UCLA, I’d want all of our faculty, too. Poor things. They are stuck with the faculty they have. Wouldn’t you rather have all of us, too?

5 thoughts on “I am, according to the APA, UCLA faculty now

  1. Can we list you all as Virginia Tech faculty, in Blacksburg, so you can teach undergraduates ; )

    We want you all too!

  2. You know you are never going to be a full professor at UCLA, don’t you? They are just using you for your brilliance.

  3. Hi I’m an independent journalist working on a story about the future transportation — both long-haul and urban — and am wondering if you’d be willing to be interviewed for the story? It’s for Ethical Corporation magazine. I would add the URL here but am afraid your comment system won’t allow URLs? In any case, I can’t find a contact email for you here. So if you can help me out, please contact me. Thanks!

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