Random bullets of things that are annoying me, in particular order

  1. Grading
  2. The roughly 1,000,000 emails that people feel entitled to send me
  3. The fact that I can’t just take time off after graduation because I have some overdue service obligations due to #1
  4. Mitt Romney’s statement that he’s rich and he won’t apologize for it. Nobody’s asking you to apologize. They’re debating what’s the fair share of taxes you should pay, which is a perfectly reasonable question for deliberative democrats to ask when facing a deficit, and they are asking about the content of your character and your ability to lead. Try taking both those questions seriously, and it will serve your campaign better than performing for your frat boy buddies who are going to vote for you anyway.
  5. Plagiarism
  6. The fact I’ve watched all the White Collar available on Netflix
  7. Grading
  8. Grading
  9. The fact I am 1/4 done painting my shutters, so the front of my house looks like crap. People who walk by stop and stare, noting that it looks like crap. I know that, mkay? What, you miss the Pepto Bismol pink shutters and the white primer is such an eyesore you can’t deal? I can’t finish the job yet due to #1 through #100 on my list of things to grade
  10. Grading
  11. Grading
  12. Grading
  13. Grading
  14. The book I am reading makes no sense and has a sleazy professor character in it. Trust me, if my colleagues and I were *half* as sleazy as the wider public thinks we are, faculty meetings and your classes would be A LOT LESS BORING.
  15. Grading
  16. Grading
  17. Grading
  18. Grading
  19. Grading
  20. The fact I’ve used up my book buying budget for the month and I can’t buy any more books, even as a reward for all this #@!@ing grading
  21. Grading
  22. Grading
  23. Grading
  24. Grading
  25. Grading
  26. Grading
  27. Grading
  28. Grading
  29. I’m going to have to say goodbye to students who have become very very dear to me.

2 thoughts on “Random bullets of things that are annoying me, in particular order

  1. am sensing that you don’t like grading. a possible solution: smell the papers and assign the grades accordingly. he method’s fast, efficient, pain-free and prolly accurate and fair too because it results in grades not much different from what the students get through your present method that is painful in let me count the ways. no, i don’t have to: you’re counting them

  2. On point 4. I saw a blog that explained it well: The point of “A Christmas Carol” wasn’t that Scrooge became poor at the end.The point was he stopped being an asshole.

    On Points 1, 7-8, 10-13, 15-19, 21-28… I recommend you find an old mimeograph machine for printing exams. Same grading operation you have to go through now, but at least you will be ink-stoned while doing it.

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