3 thoughts on “I was on Anderson Cooper’s 360 last night discussing California HSR’s mishegosse

  1. CNN missed the key point in the story: This $6 billion doesn’t buy tracks to LA. It only gets near Bakersfield. That is why the project is so especially useless.

    Glad you could appear on CNN.

    I am now working on a brief for a taxpayer’s lawsuit, challenging the State’s authority to distribute bond funding, because the project is not compliant with the requirements of the Bond measure.

    • Please keep me updated on this lawsuit–I have been surprised because I haven’t seen any media coverage of potential lawsuits, and *how could that be?* They told voters they were going to build a 520 km system for $32 billion. I am glad you commented!

  2. Lisa, you are wonderful. We don’t hear from many academics about what a disaster this project is. Besides, it’s now so highly politicized that my Democratic Party colleagues are enthusiastically burying the truth and the facts.

    You may be interested in the blog I’ve been writing. I took a break recently but returned to post your CNN interview. Great Job. What amazes me is that with such extensive press coverage about the horrors of the CHSRA and their mismanagement, this opposition hasn’t gone viral. Where is the public outrage about having to provide our tax dollars for a fancy, luxury train for the affluent?

    If this blog is about “urban ethics,” there is not better example of the lack thereof than this high-speed rail project in California.

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