The 10 Best Cities for Aspiring Writers?

Here’s the introduction to the piece:

The 10 Best Cities for Aspiring Writers | Online PhD Programs:

Inspirations and opportunities are kind of like ninjas, only more skilled in the disguise department and less so with the whole lethal assassin thing. They can strike anywhere, anytime, but some places exist as a little more “at-risk” than others. Aspirant writers hoping to further their careers might be able to scratch up leads, jobs, and promotion and publishing chances in a wide number of cities, but the following just might grant them something of an edge. With so many professional positions, festivals, awards, and sites of literary significance to explore, chances are high they’ll find something to pique their budding careers.


Go read the rest. I’m never sure cities are great place for writers or not. I think there’s one kind of writer that thrives there, others who need peace and quiet. In any case, all of these are lovely places (I’ve been to most) and a writer could do far worse than live in any of them!