Aristotle on social justice

Well, of course, Aristotle never used the phrase social justice as he was simply interested in justice and didn’t need to justify the social aspects of the life he meant to prescribe because libertarians hadn’t yet come along to annoy everybody with their focus on individuals.

We’re discussing Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics today in my social justice class, just a selection, on the material on teleology, social harmony, and all those uncomfortable bits about masters and slaves. I wonder what kind of case we’ll decide to parse thinking about things from Aristotle’s perspective?

No, there is no better place in the world..

Had we but world enough, and time. | My favourite place in Venice, the Libreria Acqua…:

My favourite place in Venice, the Libreria Acqua Alta. 

It’s a bookshop right on the canal that floods every year, so the eccentric, stray-cat-adopting owner keeps his books in boats, bathtubs and a disused gondola to protect them.

There’s also a staircase made of books outside that you can climb up and get a gorgeous view of the canal, and a courtyard of seats made of books where you can sit and read. 

Seriously, books, canals, cats and boats. Can a place get any better?