The Little Professor on The Shadow Scholar

I vaguely remember the kerfuffle about David Tomar and writing papers for college kids, and not caring very much, though I probably ought. The Little Professor made me chuckle with her review of his book…

The Shadow Scholar:

Tomar may not be an academic (although he plays one on your computer screen), but his memoir soon runs into exactly the same problem that every academic memoir does: the sad non-resemblance between the author, who spends his days (and nights, and sometimes his poker games) writing, and Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones had, all told, a relatively interesting life, what with the lost ark and Sean Connery for a dad.  Academics sit in front of computer screens, read books, go to archives, lecture students, attend meetings, and, when they’re feeling especially adventurous, go to conferences.  Much of interest may come out of this life; the life, however, is rarely interesting.  Many of us thanked the heavens when the brief vogue for academic memoir went the way of all flesh. 

(Via The Little Professor)