Reading Total Recall

I am heartbroken. My deep respect for my Dean and those faculty associated with Schwartenegger Institute prevents me from saying much more. I want them to have a chance to make something work. But I really, really don’t know what to think.

So here’s the @$!@$ book.

Here is Steve Lopez’s takedown in the LA Times.

Here is Mary McNamara’s review in the LA Times.

The former body-builder-turned-action-movie-star-turned-California-governor is still very much alive, having just started a new think tank at USC. And Americans have an endearing and frustrating habit of nostalgic reconsideration, especially when it comes to movie stars and politicians.

Please let her be right.

Janet Maslin’s review of the book in the New York Times.

Among many noxious references to his wife are a buddy’s pre-wedding quip (“Oh boy, wait until she hits menopause”) and his way of commissioning an Andy Warhol portrait of her. “You know how you always do the paintings of stars?” he says he asked Mr. Warhol. “Well, when Maria marries me, she will be a star!” He does not appear to be joking