Esterly on Gibbons, art, and time

I am reading the most wonderful book: The Last Carving: A Journey to the Heart of Making by  David Esterly.  It’s a marvelous memoir of many things: being inspired by the Grinling Gibbons’ beautiful woodcarvings to take up the tools of woodcarving, setting aside his academic career for a career in art, and, ultimately, becoming gradually more intimate with the work of the 17th century master carver as Esterly works to help restore the pieces damaged in a fire at Hampton Court Palace. 

Here is the NPR story with Esterly in it

Here is a YouTube link on the Hampton Court carvings of Grinling Gibbons that Esterly replaced for the crown. 

Esterly also has a penchant for the English romantic poets, so that he is fully capable of blending those with his meditations on time and role of craft/art/making in one’s life in utterly sumptuous prose. Is it any wonder than my dreadfully late book chapter goes neglected while I spend my hours reading away?