Farewell Marianne Ferber

I was very sad to read, via Crooked Timber, that Marianne Ferber has passed. Here is a link to an excellent obituary:

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative: Marianne Ferber: A little giant:

She was, at heart, a radical, fiercely committed to equality and social justice. She fought to improve women’s status in the economics profession the hard way: by taking concrete action. Many women and men benefitted from her willingness to write supportive letters of reference, her sound practical advice, and her inspiring example of what can be achieved with intelligence, conscientiousness, and a complete and utter lack of strategic career planning. 

(Via worthwhile.typepad.com)

One of my favorite contributions of hers is a nice edited volume from 1993: Beyond Economic Man: Feminist Theory and Economics, which demonstrated the richness that could enter the paradigm if you take gender seriously as factor in the empirical work that economists do.

Another edited volume I like is Academic Couples, which she edited with Jane Loeb.