Old Houses of Harlem –Getting their Purty On at the Harlem + Bespoke blog

The blog Harlem + Bespoke runs a regular architecture feature. Go look!!

In other news: I’ve disabled comments because I don’t have the self-control not argue with commenters who are outraged at me for various and sundry thoughts and impressions I post here. Most of the people who comment are friends who know how to email me or can comment on Facebook. This is an experimental blog where I have to be free to throw around ideas without having somebody lose their shit over the fact that I mention gender or inequality or suggest that elite groups exist and exert disproportionate influence in media. I always feel the need to argue back, I don’t have the self-control to ignore statements that my ideas are absurd or this or that, and I wind up wasting a lot of time on it. I’m a bad person; this is all my fault. Given that I’ve thought of shutting this blog down in favor of concentrating on my real work anyway, it’s probably better for me to just throw ideas out there. If you want to disagree, disagree with me on your own blog, by all means.

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