The bedroom environmentalist blogs this morning

This little satire piece from McSweeney’s made my morning: The Cubicle Environmentalist.   This money quote: 


The Parents’ Basement Environmentalist

Day Fifty Four. Returning to my roots has brought fresh inspirations and several new projects. I have recently developed the concept of “personal recycling” in which one reuses items from one’s own life. For example, I am currently sleeping on my childhood bed and driving my parents’ old station wagon. And, realizing how important it is to incorporate environmentalism into every aspect of my life, I’ve installed solar panels on mySimHouse and my World of Warcraft mage now uses only nature spells. Finally, I have become a dedicated locavore, and just eat foods that come from within a one-mile radius, primarily the Dunkin Donuts, Costco, and my parents’ refrigerator.