Olympia Snowe on “I gotcha” votes in Congress

I always looked up to Olympia Snowe even if I didn’t always agree with her. She has an Op-Ed in the LA Times that is worth reading:

Instead, Congress has arrived at a moment when policy-making has been virtually abandoned. It has devolved into a series of “gotcha” votes for political leverage. Rather than legislating, it’s all about “messaging” amendments, which aren’t designed to solve a problem but to create the basis for appeals to each party’s political base and 30-second soundbites for the next election.

As a consequence, Congress lurches from one self-inflicted crisis to another, and that is no way to govern. This abdication of leadership has led us directly to a government shutdown and a potential default on our country’s financial obligations that profoundly threaten our economy precisely as we struggle to emerge from the worst post-recession recovery in our history.

One thought on “Olympia Snowe on “I gotcha” votes in Congress

  1. She also has formed a group – “Citizens for Political Reform” to demand bipartisanship- worth exploring. She’s right on!

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