Ten things to celebrate the heritage of the American South that aren’t the confederate flag

I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with the “confederate flag isn’t racist, it’s celebrating our history” arguments. The south seceded over chattel slavery; you can try to gussy it up by claiming it was about state’s rights, but nobody buys that argument. There are so many things to celebrate about the American South that don’t come down to a divisive reminder of worst war ever fought in a nation’s history over the desire to maintain a vicious, bloody institution like slavery. If there’s one thing I hear in white America, it’s that people should ‘move on.” Well, that applies here.

Here’s some things to love about the south if we need help:

1. Some of the most beautiful forests in North America throughout Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas

2. the mountains in Tennessee

3. Bourbon (I mean, come on)

4. Writers

6. Patriotism and military service

7. NASCAR (is pretty damn cool)

8. Some of the most amazing HBCUs in the county (Spelman, Morehouse, etc)

9. Hospitality

10. Gorgeous cities like New Orleans, Savannah, Charleston, San Antonio, and many more.

There are dozens more. Why are we still arguing about flag?