On how sloth became resistance in the matter of buying a new iPhone

I lost my iPhone in October, and I haven’t replaced it. For one, it’s expensive, and when I tried to just buy another one online, it directed me to go to an ATT store. We All Know how I feel about Going Places, particularly stores, where I will have to interact with strangers. So I put it off.

And besides, I noticed something: we were doing fine with one phone.

So I decided to experiment with having one cell phone in the family and you know what? I discovered something kind of interesting. My having my own phone was a big deal to our friends and acquaintances, not to us. Andy and I never, not once, argued about who should use the phone. We handed it back and forth to each other, perfectly satisfied. After a few months, I started to get a real sense of urgency among friends–when are you going to get your OWN PHONE? You still haven’t gotten your OWN PHONE yet?

What the hell, people? I grew up in a world of landlines where families had ONE phone line, in a house that they all shared. And they were fine.

I think my friends are concerned that I don’t have the money to replace the phone, and that would be The Worst Thing Ever.

So for anybody who is worried, please don’t. Andy and I are fine. We’re eating full meals and everything. I just decided that one phone for us is enough until our contract is over.