Arnaldo Momigliano’s time management

Mary Beard, over at A Don’s Life discusses Time Management. I shan’t be giving any tips, only sharing the marvelousness that is this:

Arnaldo Momigliano’s brilliant answer to a similar survey in 1965:

In my 24 hour continental timetable I divide my time each day as follows:

2 hours of pure sleep

1 hour of sleep dreaming about administration

2 hours of sleep dreaming about research

1 hour of sleep dreaming about teaching

½ hour of pure eating

1 hour of eating with research (= reading)

1 hour of eating with colleagues and of conversation on teaching and research

½ hour of pure walking

½ hour of walking with research (= thinking)

12 ½ hours of research with preparation for teaching (= reading, writing or also thinking)

1 hour of official teaching without thinking

1 hour of official administration without thinking

I like to make up all that time on administration without thinking by doing more sleep and gardening. So go away, all you people who want me to run things.