Kareem Abdul Jabbar documents the sickening exploitation of college athletes in Jacobin

Kareem Abdul Jabbar discusses the conditions of college athletes in this piece in Jacobin: One key point:

Life for student-athletes is no longer the quaint Americana fantasy of the homecoming bonfire and a celebration at the malt shop. It’s big business in which everyone is making money — everyone except the eighteen to twenty-one-year-old kids who every game risk permanent career-ending injuries.

And the part that really sets me off:

  • The NCAA rakes in nearly $1 billion annually from its March Madness contract with CBS and Turner Broadcasting.
  • The NCAA president made $1.7 million in 2012.
  • The ten highest paid coaches in this year’s March Madness earn between $2,627,806 and $9,682,032.

Jeez, people. Do the right thing and pay the kids creating the value you are selling.