a look at the notebooks

In a valiant effort to actually avoid working on the book which seems to be ruining my life at the moment, I actually cleaned. I know. One bad habit of mine is just putting used up notebooks in with new notebooks. So the other day, I went through and separated wheat from chaff.

I found a bunch of my notebooks from Virginia. This one had a little picture of the Washington monument I sketched while sitting in the sunshine, avoiding a meeting no doubt.

UrbanSketchbook 1 page

And I found one of my dissertation notebooks.

Untitled 20150622 144933 resized copy

You guys! It’s been 11 years! I had so much fun writing that. Seeing that just made me smile. It’s not a very good dissertation, but it did the trick.

I have no idea what I was doing here. Just doodling probably. It’s all just process, and it doesn’t matter, but it does, so long as it helps me get where I am are going.

20150622 144655 resized