Police deaths and Cecil the Lion: connected via white American entitlement

While I respect the internet chiding of those who ask why white people aren’t as outraged about Sandra Bland’s death (as in, I’m all for pointing out that there isn’t enough outrage for Ms. Bland and the numerous deaths that have occurred since hers) as they are about Cecil the Lion, I would point out several parallels.

Both deaths were unnecessary.

Both deaths are related to the reality that anything with “African” in its nomenclature can be destroyed for white plunder, white entertainment, white security.

Both deaths highlight just how much corruption there is in the US and internationally when it comes either to the global affluent or their strongmen.

No, I do not hold the same level of moral concern for Cecil the Lion as I do for Ms. Bland. And I don’t think it’s ok to be peppering Cecil’s killer with death threats.


There is something exceptionally, exceptionally dickish about destroying a beautiful, endangered animal, an animal that many in the world would love to go see live in the wild, for kicks and your own private trophy room.

Cecil’s death, like Sandra Bland’s death, epitomizes much of what is wrong with power in today’s world, and what is wrong with white American entitlement.