Library and book song parodies: a collection of my favorites

Ok, so don’t you start. I know that chapter is a mess and 100 million years overdue. I know. I just don’t know how to fix it.

So, of course, the answer is YouTube. It’s never not YouTube. It’s the procrastinator’s friend.

Here is a collection of my favorite nerdy book parodies of various songs, including very cute kids, adorable adults, good sport teachers, and clever librarians:

I Like Big Books – Dowell Middle School

Dowell Middle School “Bookloose”

“All About Those Books” MDIHS Library

All About That Book – Griffin Elementary Literacy Night

Napptown Books (“Uptown Funk” Parody)
(the little tiny girl in the shades with her cool and handsome teacher cracks me up here: I dunno about you, but I have a crush!)

Read It All (Taylor Swift Parody) by WaffleBox
(Boys in books are, in fact, better)

Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Parody: Unread Book
(the ending cracks me up)

Harvard Economics Department’s Call Me Maybe
(Greg Mankiw being *charming*, as an antidote to his ish policy advocacy and political theory)