The corporate takeover of the University of Iowa seems to have gone smoothly

So here’s what I don’t understand about all of Terry Branstead’s cronies and their crappy little power play that put a business consultant in the presidency of the University of Iowa:

Universities have people in them that are both worshippers of Mammon and who have higher education experience. They are called business professors.

They have, at least done a job in higher education, though the life of a business professor is hardly that of the average adjunct. But at least B-school deans have done the job for a bit and have a passing interest in education.

I get that this business consultant is a buddy of the guy who pours money into Terry Branstead’s coffers. But surely, there was some other big business apologist within a med school (big pharma) or a b-school who had been a dean or provost somewhere that they could have elevated to the purple.