My requirements for the new, wonderful GOP debate format…

So I do have to admit that I thought the questions were a bit snarky, but, sweeties, please. Hillary sat through eleventy million hours of nasty snark and she’s not whining. Politics isn’t really for sissies. That said, if the RNC thinks it can come up with a better debate format, why not? They might design something nice and if they don’t, well, we’ll learn something from that, too.

I, however, have requirements.

1. There just need to be fewer Republicans in the field. Like, before the next debate. I’m sure many of you candidates there are really interesting folks, and it’s been fun so far, but debates with this many on the stage…it just doesn’t work. And it’s not because of the liberal media. It’s because there are too many of y’all, and in this crowd, there is a cluster of cray that is cluttering things this up for the rest of you.

2. Did I mention that some of you need to go? I feel like in order to be a good proffie of public policy, I need to watch these things, and well, with y’all on the stage, these last shindigs gave me a bad case of TB (Tired Butt.)

3. The little debate debacle revolt has, in true neocon fashion, given you disparate folks a nice, common enemy to complain about in order to raise a flag of political unity around a presidential field that is complete and utter disarray. Know how I can tell that last bit? There are still 40 of y’all standing on the stage.

4. I don’t think the rebuttal process is working. I like the idea that, if you mention Donald Trump’s name, it triggers an automatic door underneath you and you fall into water containing sharks with laser beams on their heads. If you guys can’t thin your own herd…I’m just saying.